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"Excellent, professional and affordable prices"

- Alyssa Andreae

"Brett takes the time to listen to you and figure out exactly what your issues are. I have been to many massage therapist, but Brett has a unique talent to find your issues and fix them. I would highly recommend him as a massage therapist."

- Dr. Christopher Thornburgh
Chiropractor - 3/13/17

"Absolutely the best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced. I could go on an on about what a great massage I had here. Loved it!!!!"

- Tammy Hassenpflug
Triathlete - 8/2/16

"Received massage certificates as a gift and now that I've indulged, I can recommend AMT as the right massage place to go!  The Therapist, Brett, is a great listener and really looks to find the area that might be bothering you or the section that needs help.  
Very nice office, with some mellow music playing, you can take it easy or have a nice conversation about anything.  Brett is obviously into his profession and is very conversant in different approaches to therapy.  Brett is clearly in it to help people feel better.
Go here!"

- Dan Buchholz
Quality Control - 8/20/15

"Brett was punctual, pleasant and professional. He is good at assessing the situation and remedying the problem. Will definitely go back to him again. In fact I already set up another appointment with him. 
Description of work: Have a low back ache. Needed a massage to relieve the ache."

- Kathi Harden
Retired - 11/18/14

"He took the time to listen & understand what the problems were & what I thought would help. Also offered important info for home care between appointments"

- Suzanne A Holland
 Counselor - 7/21/14

Highly satisfied with the "level of pressure during massage, overall technique & professionalism"

- Emily English
  Stay at home mom - 4/14/14

"Highly satisfied with the results and apparent knowledge and care executed."

- David M. Hughes
  Self Employed - 4/7/14

"Patient & high level of concern for client well-being." 

- Almonia Cooper
  Quality Documentation Specialist - 4/2/14

"Best massage I ever had, very comfortable environment, very professional and uplifting. Well worth the money, I feel better already!"

- Stephanie Valente
  Nurse Liason - 3/22/14

"The gentle touch yet the meticulous process that penetrated very deeply was really relaxing."

- Sandra Sellers
  Home Maker - 3/17/14

"Therapist listens to all my concerns and gives feedback about areas I may be having problems with as well as how to treat with heat or ice and proper stretching."

- Chris Cunningham
  Customer Service Representative - 3/15/14

"I booked an appointment with Brett on 2/13/2014 from positive feedback that I received from two acquaintances from Gladstone Community Center. These females received his massages, both chair and full body.

As a result, I made an appointment and saw Brett promptly. I had tremendous pain in my right shoulder probably due to the over lifting of weights after an extended absence.
Brett concentrated on my upper body and did a great job of loosening my stiff back, troubled neck, and shoulder pain.

When I saw my chiropractor on 2/14/2014, he commented on what a good job Brett had done for me. Dr. Tim encouraged me to continue seeing Brett. So I will enjoy the pleasure of working with both competent professionals.

Thank you Brett for alleviating my intense pain!"

- Tina Yochum-Magaz

"That massage really helped! After a bath and a ton of water I felt like a new woman! My next workout was just some maintenance work, but it was so much easier! I'm even sleeping better, which is a huge plus! Thanks so much for your help!"

- G. Robinson, KCMO
  Soccer Athlete - 12/21/13



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