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"He took the time to listen & understand what the problems were & what I thought would help. Also offered important info for home care between appointments"

-Suzanne A Holland
 Counselor - 7/21/14

Highly satisfied with the "level of pressure during massage, overall technique & professionalism"

- Emily English
  Stay at home mom - 4/14/14

"Highly satisfied with the results and apparent knowledge and care executed."

- David M. Hughes
  Self Employed - 4/7/14

"Patient & high level of concern for client well-being." 

- Almonia Cooper
  Quality Documentation Specialist - 4/2/14

"Best massage I ever had, very comfortable environment, very professional and uplifting. Well worth the money, I feel better already!"

- Stephanie Valente
  Nurse Liason - 3/22/14

"The gentle touch yet the meticulous process that penetrated very deeply was really relaxing."

- Sandra Sellers
  Home Maker - 3/17/14

"Therapist listens to all my concerns and gives feedback about areas I may be having problems with as well as how to treat with heat or ice and proper stretching."

- Chris Cunningham
  Customer Service Representative - 3/15/14

"I booked an appointment with Brett on 2/13/2014 from positive feedback that I received from two acquaintances from Gladstone Community Center. These females received his massages, both chair and full body.

As a result, I made an appointment and saw Brett promptly. I had tremendous pain in my right shoulder probably due to the over lifting of weights after an extended absence.
Brett concentrated on my upper body and did a great job of loosening my stiff back, troubled neck, and shoulder pain.

When I saw my chiropractor on 2/14/2014, he commented on what a good job Brett had done for me. Dr. Tim encouraged me to continue seeing Brett. So I will enjoy the pleasure of working with both competent professionals.

Thank you Brett for alleviating my intense pain!"

- Tina Yochum-Magaz

"That massage really helped! After a bath and a ton of water I felt like a new woman! My next workout was just some maintenance work, but it was so much easier! I'm even sleeping better, which is a huge plus! Thanks so much for your help!"

- G. Robinson, KCMO
  Soccer Athlete - 12/21/13



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